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Ingalan Amerikan hnin Myanma Pyi Tha (A Burman's Experience in England and America)

Author: Dr. Maung Maung Nyo

The author had studied in England and America and in this book, he described the culture shock that he experienced in those two countries.  The author wrote many differences in detail, including school terms, registration for a degree program, classroom behavior, language usage, and dress code.  This can be considered a "culture shock guide" written by a Burmese.

Publisher: Gon Htoo Sapay, 33rd Street, Rangoon


Study Abroad 2001-2002 (or latest edition)

Author: UNESCO

One of the biggest offline resources covering about 3,000 entries concerning higher education and training in 120 countries and territories. Course particulars are given as well as details of scholarship programmes. Available as book and CD ROM.

(available for purchase at www.interedu.com)


World guide to higher education - A comparative survey of systems, degrees and qualifications

Author: UNESCO

This book contains specific information concerning the structure of higher education systems, institutions, degrees, and diplomas awarded as well as entry requirements. Allows for comparisons of degrees from various countries according to various criteria.

(available for purchase at www.interedu.com)


The Student's Guide to the Best Study Abroad

Author:  Charley Winkler, Greg Tannen; paperback - 336 pages (June 1996)
Simon & Schuster; ISBN: 0671550276

The book starts with the "Top 25" programs deemed most worthy of attendance; in narrative form, these profiles provide immense detail, showing extensive first-hand research and interviews with actual program participants. Part two handles the second set of 25 programs more traditionally, including about a page of description and the most critical data to know. An invaluable reference. Based on surveys of hundreds of recent alumni, an insider's guide to the leading international study programs offers frank and specific advice about social life, professors, workload, housing, atmosphere, and financial aid.

(available for purchase at http://www.amazon.com; value $9.60)


The College Board International Student Handbook 2001 (International Student Handbook, 2001)

Author: College Board (Editor), Theresa Carroll Schweser (Preface) ; paperback - 359 pages 14th Bk&cr edition (August 2000); ISBN: 0874476496

The only guide available for the growing number of resident international students; the tabular presentation in the book gives students detailed facts about colleges' policies and special programs for international students. The CD- ROM gives students in-depth information about the colleges' campus environment, student life, academic programs, and more.

(available at www.amazon.com; value $20.76 )


Peterson's Scholarships for Study in the USA & Canada : Get the Money You Need for the Education You Want

Paperback - 304 pages 3rd edition (October 1999); Petersons Guides; ISBN: 0768902665

According to a reviewer, this book is specially meant for the international students who want to study in the United States/ Canada and it really works too - It is worth the money paid for.

(available at www.amazon.com;
value $ 17.56 ) 


The Culture Shock Guides

These helpful guides have been written for many countries including Thailand, India, Australia, and the United States. They provide easy-to-read information about the customs and 'do's and don'ts' of different countries.

(available for purchase from many online booksellers)

Note: you can find these and other resource books at government-sponsored English centers, some private ESL schools, and public libraries.


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