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General Information

There are actually two SAT tests, the reasoning and subject tests. Most American universities require that entering undergraduate students take the SAT 1, the reasoning test.  Also, SAT II in specific subjects is often required. If you also take the SAT II: subject tests and do well, you may be able to skip introductory courses in that subject area your first year in university.

The SAT is administered seven times a year. You must take the exam by December for enrollment at an American university the following August or September.

Note: you can take either the SAT I or the SAT II: Subject Tests on any test date, but you can't take both on the same day.


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Description of the Test

The SAT I: Reasoning Test is a three-hour, primarily multiple choice test that measures general verbal and mathematical reasoning skills that develop over time.

It is divided into seven sections: three of the sections are verbal, three are math, and one is experimental. The experimental section can be either verbal or math. It is used by the test-makers for research purposes only and will not count toward your final score.


The SAT II: Subject Tests are one-hour, primarily multiple choice tests in specific subjects such as French or Chemistry. Subject Tests measure knowledge of a subject and the ability to apply that knowledge. You can take up to three Subject Tests on a single test date.


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You receive two scores on the SAT Reasoning Test, one math and one verbal. Each subject is scored on a scale of 200 to 800. The US national average is approximately 500 in each subject (1000 combined). However, most competitive colleges will look for significantly higher scores.

On the SAT Subject Tests, the score ranges from 200-990.


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Test Fee and Registration

The registration fee for the SAT I: Reasoning Test is $24. The registration fee for the SAT II: Subject Tests ranges from $6-11, plus a $13 basic fee. In both cases, international students must add a $15 fee.

You can register for the SAT online at www.collegeboard.org , or write for a registration bulletin at:

P.O. Box 6200,
Princeton, New Jersey 08541-6200, U.S.A.

You can also obtain a registration bulletin at a USIS office or other English language centers.

If you are in Asia, you can contact one of the following centers:



US Embassy, Public Affairs Section
Road No. 27, House No. 110
Banani, Dhaka 1213
Tel: (2) 881-3440-4
Fax: (2) 988-1677
E-mail: shkdhaka@pd.state.gov



American Center
14 Tawwin Street
Dagon Township, Yangon
Tel: (1) 223-106/223-140/221-585
Fax: 221-262
E-mail: ttnrgn@usia.gov



Us Education Foundation in India (USEFI)
Fulbright House
12 Hailey Road
New Delhi
Tel: 332-8944, 332-8948
Fax: 332-9718
E-mail: vigaya@usefid.ernet.in, vkhandarvilli@hotmail.com


US Education Information Center
#01-03 Bestway Building, Podium A
12 Prince Edward Road
Singapore 079212
Tel: 226-6996
Fax: 223-0550
E-mail: inquiry@useic.com.sg


Institute of International Education
82 North Sathorn Road
9th Floor Citibank Tower Building
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel: (2) 639-2700
Fax: 639-2706
E-mail: iiethai@bbk.iie.org, nuanpan@bkk.iie.org


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Test Sites

In Yangon, you can take the SAT at the American School. Contact the centers listed above for test sites in Asia. Go to www.collegeboard.org for test sites in the US, Canada, and elsewhere.

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Tips for taking the SAT

Order of Difficulty

Each SAT section is divided into three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard. The first third of each group are easy, the second third are of medium difficulty, and the last third are hard. An easy question is one that almost everyone gets right. A hard question is a question that most people get wrong. Since easy, medium, and hard questions are worth the same amount, spend the majority of your time making sure you get the easy and medium questions right.


Process of Elimination

When you are not sure of the right answer, try to first eliminate the wrong answers. ?Even if you can't narrow your choices to a single answer, you will have only two or three to choose from instead of all five. Cross out the wrong answer choices in your test booklet, and then guess among whichever answer choices remain. Only a quarter point is subtracted for every wrong answer, while a full point is added for every right answer. It is worth it to guess if you can eliminate some of the wrong answers.


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Practice Test

The following site has practice test for no charge:

SAT Prep from Syvum




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More Information

Go to www.collegeboard.org

This site includes test dates and fees, the SAT program registration bulletin, and ordering information for free copies of Taking the SAT I: Reasoning Test and Taking the SAT II: Subject Tests, which describe how the tests are organized, timed, and scored and give types of test questions and test-taking tips. You can also register for the SAT online.

The site also includes information on selecting a university, financing your education, and scholarships.

Or write to:

P.O. Box 6200,
Princeton, New Jersey 08541-6200,


You can also get Registration Bulletins and information about test dates, test sites, and test formats at your local USIS office.


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