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Educational System

The Thai educational system includes 12 years of primary and secondary schooling. Students who want to attend university must complete Matayom (high school) 6 and take a nationwide entrance exam. The university to which they are accepted is determined by their score on this exam. Good students may be accepted at two or three universities and can choose where they would like to attend.

In Thailand there are public and private universities. The language of instruction at most universities is Thai, but at some universities and in certain programs which attract a large number of international students, the langauge of instruction is English. This includes colleges teaching business management, computers, information technology, and engineering.

The School year generally runs from June to October and November to March.


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General Requirement

An international student applying for admission to a Thai university must (by Thai Ministry of Education regulation) show that s/he meets the same educational standards as a Thai high school graduate. Since Burmese students attend fewer years of high school than Thai students, Burmese students are required to show proof of high school equivalency. Passing standardized exams such as the IGCSE, the GED or the Thai Non-Formal Education Certificate are the most common ways to demonstrate equivalency. A student who has already earned a college degree from a recognized university in Burma is exempt from this requirement.


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The cost of studying in Thailand can range from $2000 - 10,000 per year. Accommodation and food costs range from $200-300 per month.


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Required Tests

Graduate programs in Thailand will generally require that you take the TOEFL. If you attend Payap and some other public universities as an incoming undergraduate, you may be required to pass a Thai high school equivalency exam in Thai. There are courses to prepare you for this at non-formal adult education schools and at Payap.


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Universities Where Burmese Have Studied

Asian Institute of Technology
Assumption University
Bangkok University
Mahidol University - one year master’s program in primary health care management
Mahidol - one year master’s degree in human rights
Payap University
St. Theresa Inti College


Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

General Information

AIT is located just outside Bangkok, and it offers internationally accredited Doctoral, Master's and Diploma programs conducted in English. There are programs in technology, engineering, management, and environment, resources and development.

AIT year has three terms, beginning in January, May, and September. Each of the three terms is an entry term for a particular School and particular fields of study, especially for the master and diploma programs. You must apply at least seven months before the term you want to enter.

Completion of the doctoral degree program normally takes three years or so, the master degree a year and a half, and the diploma a year or less.

Note: AIT offers a one-term Bridging Program for master degree candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds. This program assists such students with their specialist subjects, with academic support topics and with English. The Institute also runs its Academic Support Network to assist students who have study problems after they have enrolled in their degree programs.


Applying for Admission

When applying for admission, an applicant MUST submit:

1. a completed AIT application for admission form;
2. two letters of recommendation;
3. an official attested transcript or marks certificate in English of degree and/or other advanced work (transcripts of studies below bachelor level are not required);
4. (for certain specified programs) a statement of study and professional plans;
5. a certificate of English proficiency;
6. an essay on a possible research topic (applicants for the doctoral program only).

* AIT interviews applicants only in certain countries. If you are to be interviewed you will be informed once your application has been evaluated.



Students in full-time attendance are currently required to pay a tuition fee of US$ 3,740 and an academic service fee of US$ 264 per term.

All students live on campus in a private study-bedroom in a dormitory, or student village unit. The minimum charge for dormitory accommodation is equivalent to US$ 72 per month or US$ 288 per term.

In addition to the cost of tuition and fees and accommodation, which are payable to the Institute, a student will require funds for textbooks, for food and other living expenses, and transport and related costs from and to his/her home country. Living expenses depend on individual needs and lifestyle of course, but you should allow at least US$ 1,060 per term to cover dormitory accommodation, books, food and so on.


Estimating your Costs and Expenses

The figures given here will help you budget for your period of study at AIT:

Cost per Program Certificate
(1 term)
(3 terms)
(5 terms)
(9 terms)










Academic Service Fee





Other Expenses*










(Revised March 30, 2000)


Contact Information

Chief Admissions Officer
Asian Institute of Technology
P.O. Box 4, Klong Luang
Pathumthani 12120
Tel.: (66) (2) 524-5031, 516-0110-44
Fax: (66) (2) 524-6326
email: admissions@ait.ac.th
Website: www.ait.ac.th


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Assumption University (ABAC)

General Information

ABAC offers undergraduate and graduate programs in English. Undergraduate fields of study include: Management, Finance, Accounting, Business Computer, Hotel Management, Foreign Languages, Nursing, Science and Technology, Engineering, Communication Arts, Law, and Architecture.

There are masters programs in Business, Education, the Arts, Engineering, and Science and Technology.

There is also a graduate diploma program in Teacher Education and Ph.D. programs in Philosophy and a few other subjects.



International students can obtain the application form online.


Contact Information

Office of the Registrar
Assumption University
Ramkhamhaeng 24 Rd.
Huamark,Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240
Tel. (662)300 4543-62 ext. 2507-8, 2513, 2520
Fax. (662) 719-1509
Email: abac@au.ac.th
Website: www.au.edu



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Bangkok University

General Description

Bangkok University offers courses both in English and Thai. The international program, wholely taught in English, is available in Bangkok University International College (BUIC) offering courses in the Schools of Business administration, Communication Arts, Accounting, and Humanities. The international program is well received by those students who want to better their English and prepare themselves for the international business world or for their future studies abroad.

Bangkok University's Graduate School also offers an MBA program and an MA program in Communication Arts.


Application for Undergraduate Admission

Application forms are available from March 14 to May 11, 2001 at the Financial Office on both campuses from Tuesday to Saturday, 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Application can be made every day from April 1 - 5 and May 2 - 11, 2001 at the City Campus Auditorium.


Documents Required for Application

1. A completed application form in English with applicant's signature
2. A copy of high school certificate, transcipt or equivalent and certified by Ministry of Education
3. Three 1"x1" photos (taken no longer than 6 months, not wearing hat or sunglasses)
4. Certification of name/surname change, if any, with one copy
5. Identity card with one copy

Note: Signatures must be affixed on all copies to approve their authenticity.


Entrance Examination

Applicants must sit for a written examination in English in the following subjects:

Those who have attained the minimum SAT score of 1,000 or TOEFL of 500 will be exempted from entrance exam. However, they must pass an interview in English in order to be admitted to a program.


Graduate School Admission

An applicant must:

1. be a holder of bachelor's degree or equivalent in any field from local or overseas educational institutions recognized by the Ministry of University Affairs, with a comulative grade point average of at least 2.50 or a 3 - year work experience after completion of undergraduate degree.
2. not be suffering from any infectious disease or mental disorder.
3. be of good moral character.

Admission will be based on the results of a written entrance examination, an interview and the applicant's experience and achievements. The Written Entrance Examination will be waived for MBA applicants who have obtained a GMAT score of 450 or higher and those who seek admission to Master of Arts for Communication Arts Program with a GRE score of 1000 or a TOEFL score of 550.


Application Documents

The following items must be submitted on the date of application :

1. A completed application from
2. A copy of the official transcript of the previous university attended
3. Three 1" x 1" photographs taken not more than six months prior to application
4. A non - refundable application fee
5. References on work experience (of at least three years after completion of the bachelor's degree) is required for those who have a G.P.A. of less than 2.50.
6. Other documents or certificates relevant to the studies in Business Administration or Communication Arts, if any.
7. A copy of identification card

Note: All copies must be printed on A4 paper and contain endorsement signature.

Application forms are available in January each year at the Financial Office on city campuses only on working days between office hours.

Application can be made in mid March.



Fees are 1000 baht/credit (the average course load is 12 credits/semester), plus some other miscellaneous fees totally a few thousand baht/semester.


Contact Information

Main Campus
Bangkok University
Rama 4 Road,
Klong-Toey, Bangkok
Thailand 10110
Telephone number (662) 350-3500
Fax numbers (662) 249-6274, (662) 240-1516


For Undergraduates

Admission Office, Bangkok University
Building 2, Floor 1,
Kluaynamthai Campus
Tel. 350-3500 ext. 582-585 or Direct line 249-5132-6


For the graduate school

The Graduate School
Bangkok University
Rama 4 Road,
Klong-Toey, Bangkok 10110
Tel: (662) 350-3500 ext. 508, 509, 611, 582-5 (622) 671-7508, 671-7509 (Direct)
Website: www.bu.ac.th


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Mahidol University’s Master’s Primary Health Care Management Degree



AIHD is the only international institute in Southeast Asia that offers an intensive ten month Master Degree in Primary Health Care Management program (MPHM). Since 1984, we have produced 294 MPHM graduates from 30 countries, working as primary health care leaders towards the common goals of efficient and effective health services and improving the quality of life.



The emphasis of the program is improvement of health status in the community and the promotion of self-reliance through developing good management, leadership, planning, and the ability to make use of appropriate technology and community participation. Courses cover health-related management, economics, research methodology, leadership development, and relevant computer applications. Students will also engage in field study and write a thesis. The working language is English.


Application Information

Many applicants are nominated by NGOs or UN organizations. If you are not already nominated, look at potential sponsors list

Must submit: copy of BA or BSc diploma and transcript, TOEFL score results, and resume listing work experience.

Nominations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis for applicants of equal standing.

Accommodation during the program is provided at the ASEAN house on Mahidol’s Salaya Campus.



Tuition fee and health insurance: US $4300 Accommodation, food, misc. US $7350 (note: this is the university’s estimate, you could get by with about $5,000) Total estimated cost US $11,650.


Contact Information

For more information and to download the application go to: www.mahidol.ac.th/mahidol/ad .

Or write to:

ASEAN Institute for Health Development
Mahidol University
25/5 Phuttamonthon 4 Rd., Salaya, Phuttamonthon
Nakhon-Pathom, 73170,

(Click here for potential sponsoring agencies.)


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Master of Arts in Human Rights Program at Mahidol University


This one and a half to three year program includes a year of coursework and a period of self-study for writing a thesis. The program is designed for Thai and international students (mostly Asian), and the language of instruction is English.


Application Requirements

Applicants must have a TOEFL score of 550, an undergraduate degree, and a commitment to working in the field of human rights.



The total tuition fee for the course work and the thesis fees is about US $5000. Living expenses (not provided by the university) are about $200-250/month.


Contact Information

For an application and more information contact:

Development and Human Rights Study Program
The Faculty of Graduate Studies Mahidol University
25/5 Phuttamonthon 4 Rd.,
Salaya, Phuttamonthon
Nakhon-Pathom, 73170

Website: www.mahidol.ac.th


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Payap University

General Information

Payap University is a private university located in Chiang Mai. Payap University offers four bachelor degree programs taught entirely in English in Payap's International College (International Business Management, Computer Information Systems, International Hospitality Management and English Communication) as well as 4 Master's degrees taught in English (International MBA, TESOL, Linguistics and International Divinity). The Thai and Southeast Asian Studies Certificate Program is open to any student but primarily for native English speakers from Payap's exchange partner schools and thus requires a higher TOEFL score of 550 than the 500 required by the International College degree programs mentioned above. The tuition is also higher than the normal degree programs.

For more information, please go to the English webpage at: http://www.payap.ac.th/english/

For International Admissions and Tuition information:


Contact Information

Admissions Office
Payap University
Super-Highway Chiangmai-Lumpang Rd.
A.Muang, Chiangmai, 50000
Telephone: 66 53 241-255, 304-805

International Admissions email: gsis@payap.ac.th
Website: http://www.payap.ac.th/english/


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St. Theresa Inti College


St. Theresa is a private college in Bangkok which was established in 1980 and currently enrolls approximately 3000 students. Classes are taught in English.

St. Theresa offers 4 programs for international students:

Subjects taught include Introduction to Business, Marketing, Business Communication, International Trade, English, Information Technology, Accounting, Japanese, and Basic Economics.



The prerequisite for the high school vocational certificate program is completion of Grade 9. The prerequisite for a B.A. program is completion of grade 12.

Applicants must bring along with their applications the following:



The 3- year foreign program in Business costs 33,000 baht per semester. This does not include the textbooks, uniforms, intensive course, and other small fees for the first semester.

Note: this course is for only foreigners and Thais who study overseas.


Contact Information

Get the application online or request it from:

The Registration Office
St Theresa Technology of Business Administration School
2567 Ramkhamhaeng Rd.
Huamark, Bangkapi Bangkok 10240, THAILAND
Ph: 732-3333-9
Fax: 374-9508



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You can apply for a visa at the Thai embassy in Yangon:

91 Pyi Rd, Yangon

Telephone: 282471, 276555


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Cultural Information

Thailand is very similar to Burma/Myanmar. However, most Thais do not speak English well, so Burmese students may have trouble communicating with people outside their programs. If possible, Burmese students should study basic Thai so they can manage daily life in Thailand more easily. One warning: some Thais have negative feelings toward Burmese. One reason is because of violent acts committed by Burmese armed groups and criminals on Thai soil.

Also, be sure to carry your passport with you at all times in case you are stopped by the police. The police generally send illegal immigrants to the immigration detention center and then deport them.


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Useful Books

Culture Shock: Thailand

Thailand: Buddhist Kingdom as Modern Nation-State, by Charles F. Keyes (published by DK Books, Bangkok)


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Useful Links


contains a list of Thai university websites.


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