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Educational System

The university academic year runs from September until June.

Students in Burma/Myanmar can get information about studying in the UK at:

The British Council
78 Kanna Road
Telephone:1 254658, 256290, 256291
Fax: 1 245345

The British Council Resource Centre and Examination Services
Building 6/7, SY Compound
30th Street (between 77th & 78th)
Telephone:2 33904


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Tuition Fees: 1050 pounds/year for UK residents but 4500-8800 pounds/year for international students, depending on the field of study.

Living Expenses: approximately 5-6000 pounds/year.


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Selected Universities where Burmese have Studied

Richmond, the American International University in London

General Description

This university takes a large number of students from around the world and offers partial tuition scholarships to many international students. There are 1250 students and the average class size is 17.

Richmond offers a curriculum organized around two academic schools, the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Business. The School of Arts and Sciences offers degrees and courses in computing, mathematics and science, fine arts, humanities, social sciences and communications. The School of Business offers degrees and courses in business administration, international business and economics. The school follows the American system.



Rolling admissions. Admission decision notification within four weeks of receipt of completed. You can begin study in: September, January, May, June.



See the webpage or write the admissions office for information on scholarships offered by the university.


Contact info

Admissions Office
Richmond, The American International University in London
Queens Road, Richmond
Telephone: (0) 20 8332-9000
Outside the UK, international code +44 20-8332-9000
Fax: (0) 20 8332-1596
Outside the UK, international code +44 208-332-1596
E-mail: enroll@richmond.ac.uk
Go to www.richmond.ac.uk for more information and to download the application.


School for Oriental and African Studies, University of London

General Description

SOAS is unique. It is the only higher education institution in the UK specializing in the study of Asia and Africa. With more than 200 academics dedicated to research and teaching in these areas, it is now the world’s largest institution of its kind.



The tuition is up to 1050 pounds/year for UK citizens and 8145 pounds/year for international students. There are no scholarships or bursaries for undergraduate students, but there are some financial aid options for graduate students.


Applying for Admission

Applicants must submit transcripts, an application, and a personal statement about their projected course of study.

Applicants must have taken the UK A Levels or equivalent. Alternatively, they can attend a one year bridging course at SOAS or elsewhere before applying for admission.

Applicants must take: the IELTS: minimum score - 7.0 with a minimum of 5.5 on each subtest or the TOEFL: minimum score - 630 paper-based, 267 computer based.


Contact Information

School Address:

SOAS, Thornhaugh Street,
Russell Square,
London WC1H 0XG,
United Kingdom
Tel: 020 7637 2388
Fax: 020 7436 3844

Student Recruitment Office:

Tel:020 7898 4034
Fax: 020 7898 4039
E-mail: study@soas.ac.uk
Web: http://www.soas.ac.uk/admissions/contact/staff/



The Registry:

Tel:020 7898 4100
Fax: 020 7898 4089
E-mail: registrar@soas.ac.uk
Web: www.soas.ac.uk


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Apply at the British Embassy in Yangon:

The British Council
78 Kanna Road

Telephone:1 254658, 256290, 256291
Fax: 1 245345

Note: you will have to be able to demonstrate that you can finance your studies and that you will be returning home after your studies are completed.


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Useful Books

Studying and Living in Britain: The British Council's Guide

Author: The British Council

This book covers every basic issue, that may arise before you live to UK or after you have already arrived there. Every topic (e.g.immigration requirements, banking, health, shopping and so on) is discussed briefly, yet clearly.


Educational Grants Directory, published by the Directory of Social Change (available at public libraries)


The Grants Register, published by MacMillan (available at public libraries).


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Useful Links


This is an excellent site with sections on the British educational system, courses of study, living in the UK, studying English, and scholarships.



This site includes sections on living in the UK, affordability, courses of study at different institutions, and related links.



Detailed information on the differences between masters and PhD programs, you can find out which universities offer programs in the subject you are interested in, descriptions of institutions, and a step by step guide to the admissions process with lots of helpful tips.


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