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What's New:

As of May 12, 2002...

The synopses page has finally been revised to fit the theme of the rest of the site and some minor changes to the synopses themselves have been made. The links page has also been updated.

As of February 20th, 2002...
After a long period of stagnation there have been a number of substantial changes in the website. In terms of design it has been almost completely overhauled (with the exception of the synopses), the links page and chronology pages have finally been added, though work remains to be done with both. I also added a link on the criticism page from which you can download my master's thesis on Abe. It is fairly crude, but could be helpful in providing a background on Abe's earlier works, which are not treated in much depth elsewhere in English.


What's coming:

I hope to expand the chronology to provide a better historical context in which to place the various developments in Abe's career. It would also be nice to include more of his essays and lesser-known works in the page, but that will probably take some time. At some point in the distant future, tbe criticism page will be dramatically updated to include a much broader selection of works in English and Japanese. Don't look for this anytime soon, though.


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If you have any comments, questions or criticisms, please feel free to contact me. When making criticisms, however, please keep in mind that I don't get paid for any of this! :-)