This page is designed to focus largely on works that have not yet been translated and for which no substantial summaries in English exist on the web. Clearly it is far from comprehensive or representative of the enormous volume of Abe's literary production. All of the stories here are from the 1950's, when Abe's interest in the blending of surrealism, marxism and existentialism was at its peak.

More summaries, and links to off-site summaries, will be added as time permits. If you would like to see your site/summary linked here, please send me an email.








"Enterprise" (Jigyô, 1950)

"The Magic Chalk" (Mahô no chôku, 1951)

"The Life of a Poet" (Shijin no shôgai, 1951)

"The Crime of Mr. S. Karma" (S. Karuma-shi no hanzai, 1951)

"The Badger of the Tower of Babel" (Baberu no tô no tanuki, 1951)

"Invention #R-62" (R-62 gô no hatsumei, 1953)

"The Three Genteleman and the Petitioners Against the Consumption of Human Flesh (Jinniku shokuyô chinjôdan to sannin shinshitachi, 1956)

Inter Ice Age 4 (Daiyon kanpyôki, 1958-59)