From 7 December 1941, the date of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, to 31 August 1945, two days before the Japanese surrender at Tokyo Bay, Pacific Fleet staff at Pearl Harbor maintained a running estimate and summary of communicatons and other records in a “gray book,” copies of which were filed with the papers of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz at the Operational Archives, Naval History and Heritage Command, Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C.

When scanning technology became available, the Naval War College Foundation, Newport, Rhode Island, with donations received from the Naval Order of the United States and several individual Foundation members, arranged non-destructive scans of loose pages from the tightly-bound original. While some of these are blurry and difficult to read and while the grayscale files do not capture the original color coding, the resulting records neverless provide an authoritative view of the conduct of World War II in the Pacific theater.

We present them here in eight volumes as follows: