Preposition + Articulated Infinitive

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Re: Preposition + Articulated Infinitive

Post by Stephen Hughes » November 16th, 2015, 11:37 am

Barry Hofstetter wrote:Secondly, does someone actually say "articulated" infinitive? I think that means it would have joints. The usual phrase is "articular infinitive."
As a dummy let me ask the question; Aren't all prepositonal phrases with an infinitive with articular infinitives?

The ones I can remember are, at least. It seems that the article is needed to join the infinitive to the preposition. In that case the infinitive is a nominal as Barry says, but needs to be specifically substantivised (perhaps explicitly marked as a nominal unit - assuming the whole verbal phrase is nominalised), before a preposition can be added.

How was it handled in earlier forms of Greek, before the article became the article?
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