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Are there examples of prepositional phrase ellipsis in NTG?

Posted: April 27th, 2016, 1:45 am
by Stephen Hughes
By way of preamble, I am wondering if there is a hierarchy of participles, with different ones more or less likely to be retained in a situation where ellipsis happens.

In the requests, "Please take a picture of the mountain (or tree) for me." and "Please take a picture of me.", the "of" seems stronger than the "for".

Are there examples of constructions in Greek where one or other elements in a construction are lost due to that the same thing or person would be referred to repeatedly? I suspect that they will be found in syntactic constructions where more than one thing could be associated with them. I also suspect that there will be cases where a repeated promotional (or other nominal) element will be dropped / retained, possibly displaying either an inherent order of strength or a situational one.

Do the grammarians discuss this?