Types of questions: αἴτημα, ζήτημα (cf. θέμα), ἐρώτημα

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Types of questions: αἴτημα, ζήτημα (cf. θέμα), ἐρώτημα

Post by Stephen Hughes » August 10th, 2015, 11:56 am

While αἴτημα (αἰτεῖν) is clearly a request for something (to be done or given), the other words for question: ζήτημα (ζητεῖν, ζήτησις) seems to be something brought up for discussion where there is some aim to finding an understanding (cf. θέμα which could be just a question up for discussion, without any real need to reach a specific understanding for a purpose at hand), and ἐρώτημα (ἐρωτᾶν, ἐρώτησις) where perhaps there is a desire to get a piece of information.

Are there other words that could / should be considered together with these?
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