20 Ways to keep your Greek, or Hebrew, or Latin, or...

Resources and methods for teaching and learning New Testament Greek.
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Barry Hofstetter
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20 Ways to keep your Greek, or Hebrew, or Latin, or...

Post by Barry Hofstetter » April 28th, 2018, 8:40 am

Tim Kay posted this on Nerdy Language Majors (Facebook):

20 practical ways to help you keep your biblical languages. A number of them are already mentioned above. I think I’ve done or am currently doing about 18 of them...

1. Read the original languages during your devotional time each day.
2. Prepare all studies, lessons and sermons using the original text.
3. Watch Daily Dose of Greek and Hebrew each day.
4. Set a reading goal, like getting through the NT in Greek in a year.
5. Continue to formally study the original languages, i.e. enrol online in a course, or attend more classes at your local university/seminary.
6. Enrol in a masters or doctorate that will require working in the original languages.
7. Enrol in a modern Hebrew course.
8. Listen to an original language audio-Bible while driving or doing housework.
9. Teach someone else the original languages.
10. Use more technical commentaries than pastoral/devotional commentaries.
11. Use apps like Memrise or Quizlet to build your vocabulary.
12. Attend seminars and conferences that are serious about the original languages.
13. Network with people who are serious about the original languages.
14. Read along in the original languages when someone else is preaching/teaching.
15. Memorise texts in the original languages (i.e. Psalm 1; Philippians 2:6-11).
16. Study cognate languages of Hebrew and other ancient dialects of Greek.
17. Start an original language Bible Study group.
18. Read through an intermediate grammar from cover to cover, then try an advanced grammar.
19. Read more interesting books that are about the original languages (i.e. Glinert’s Story of Hebrew, or Campbell’s Advances in the Study of Greek).
20. Participate in online forums (B-greek, Nerdy Language Majors, Greek & Hebrew One-Year Bible Reading Group).
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Re: 20 Ways to keep your Greek, or Hebrew, or Latin, or...

Post by RandallButh » April 29th, 2018, 2:10 am

21. talk to yourself in Greek/Hebrew.

22. talk with friends in the language.

23. pray in the language.

24. write in the language.
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