Intertestamental History and Sources

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Intertestamental History and Sources

Post by jeffreyrequadt » May 12th, 2013, 11:10 pm

This is not about Biblical Greek per se, but I'm hoping that it will lead to interest in Biblical Greek. IMy wife and I are planning a short course for my church on the intertestamental period and how it connects to the New Testament. Ideally, this will provoke some interest in some people towards learning Greek for themselves. I have studied this period informally for my own edification, not as a course in college or any other academic setting, so my own knowledge is limited (another reason I wanted to teach it). I have 2 basic questions. 1. What primary documents will be the best to read with the group? 2. If anyone on this list has taught on this subject, what activities/projects (other than lecture with or without visual aids) have you done with your class?
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Jeffrey T. Requadt
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Shirley Rollinson
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Re: Intertestamental History and Sources

Post by Shirley Rollinson » May 13th, 2013, 3:41 pm

I've taught "InterTestamental Era" several times online (history and documents).
You're welcome to check it out and use any resources from it that you like.
It starts at
I haven't updated it since 2011, but I'm teaching it again this Fall so I'll be updating it over the summer.
It doesn't require prior knowledge of Greek, so I deal mainly with the texts in English.
But I do a fair bit of history - Greek/Persian Wars, Alexander, Rome, Punic Wars etc.
You might find further resources at my Bib. Arch.course, which starts at
Good luck,
let me know how it goes
Yassas and Shalom
Shirley Rollinson
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