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Re: Teaching Greek to Kids

Posted: November 4th, 2014, 2:15 am
by TimNelson ... collection

I've just been reminded of the above link. There are Greek and Hebrew scrabble tiles. I suspect the letter difficulties are a little skewed towards the modern languages, (the Greek ones put use of u down as one of the most difficult, and yet use of an Aorist/future passive makes it easy), but we had lots of fun with them when I could find other players. We mostly played "Take Two", which has been commercially marketed under a variety of names, including "Bananagrams", and played under other names, including "Pick Two!" and "Speed Scrabble". We played that, when someone won, everyone had to come and stand behind them. If they couldn't explain all the words they'd used, then the timer started again, and play continued.

Louis, I play board games weekly at a local board games shop, and have thus experienced a wide variety of board games. If you wanted testing help, or to bounce ideas off someone, I'm currently available for that sort of thing.

Re: Teaching Greek to Kids

Posted: November 4th, 2014, 2:18 am
by TimNelson
Oh, just a note on the Scrabble tiles. My approach was to get some pasteboard from an Art shop (this is about as thick as a scrabble tile), and print the tiles on gloss paper. Then I got some JAC paper (also from an Art shop -- it's like double-sided tape, but in an A4 (or Letter) size of paper), and used that to stick the paper to the pasteboard. Then I got contact, and covered the whole thing. Finally came the hard part -- cutting them all up with a knife.