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Finding sentences like ...

Posted: August 31st, 2015, 12:04 pm
by Jonathan Robie
Micheal Palmer and I have been generating lists of clauses that use participles in the various ways discussed in Rijksbaron's book on the verb, and I've been playing with lists of sentences by difficulty. I thought I'd take a shot at generating some lists that might be useful at the very beginning levels of instruction.

Here's a list of sentences that use only the 37 most common words, words that occur 500 times or more in the Greek New Testament. I excluded any that used participles. In spite of the severe constraints, I found 14 such sentences, Some of them are not beginner sentences, but they might be useful as a source of sentences for an instructor to pick through and use in class or for exercises.
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Here is a list that uses only the 163 most common words, words that occur 100 times or more in the Greek New Testament:
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This is a much longer list.

I can generate lists like this for any set of words, forms, etc. Any thoughts on how to best leverage this for instruction?