The foundations of Koine Greek

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Re: The foundations of Koine Greek

Post by Shirley Rollinson » September 28th, 2015, 4:43 pm

Paul-Nitz wrote:
M.M.Carter wrote:So do you think that instead of learning just the Present indicative at first, the students should also be learning the Aorist Indicative at the same time, or should the Aorist come after?
It is necessary to build up, so you might teach the Present for a bit, but then quickly bring in the Aorist and other tenses to contrast and define the παρατατική ἐν τοῦτο τὸ χρόνῳ tense.

I had promised this video for Jonathan Robie (on some thread I cannot find). I just made a newer version of a video I had done about "gesturing" the cases. Gesturing the cases works a charm in my context. Here's the link.

(Maybe someone could tell me how to embed a video in a post. This code doesn't seem to work)
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I start with the Present Active Indicative for regular -ω verbs (then masculine nouns in -ος), and then εἰμι - when I also include ἠν and ἠσαν (but not the rest of the past tense). Then back to present tense (contract verbs) (with more noun chapters mixed in), and somewhere around there I introduce εἰπεν and εἰπομεν,
and then οἰδα and its conjugation - so that the students will get plenty of practice with those most common forms even before they reach the chapters which deal with the Aorists etc. The students handle it OK and don't seem to get confused between tenses - they just accept that we're learning some common past forms, and that we'll do them in more detail later on.
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