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An online tool to read Biblical Greek

Posted: December 5th, 2015, 1:42 pm
by maignial
I've just joined B-Greek. I am a French baptist minister and bible scholar, the editor of an online tool for reading biblical languages.

Many years ago, I decided to address a very basic problem: what good is it to urge biblical college students to set themselves reading fluency as a goal when they start learning Greek or Hebrew, if on the other hand the written medium they use to approach biblical texts is an obstacle rather than a help in terms of readability and navigability? This is particularly true for the Masoretic Text, which was never intended to be used for personal reading, but also for the Nestle Aland or other editions of the Greek New Testament, which were originally designed for critical purposes and never to make devotional reading of Greek easier.
This is why I designed Biblia Mirecurensia as a tool with reading efficiency as its focus, a tool for reading both the Tanakh and the NT in the original languages designed for English readers, which is meant to help attain or maintain a high reading fluency. Its main features are:
- it uses modern signs of punctuation, making it similar to modern Greek as regards ease of reading.
- it has clickable headlines and bookmarks, thus affording easy navigation throughout the whole Bible.
- it provides companion documents, such as reading plans, for an ordered reading of the entire Bible in the original languages in less than a year.
- it provides mp3 recordings for the whole of the Greek NT.
I would be interested to get feedback on the project. You can type "Biblia Mirecurensia" in Google to access the site, and then share your impressions on B-Greek.

Re: An online tool to read Biblical Greek

Posted: December 5th, 2015, 10:15 pm
by Louis L Sorenson
Pierre, welcome to B-Greek. Perhaps you could add a signature to your profile, and give your first and last name, that way, everyone will know how to address you. The link to your English site is and French is

Re: An online tool to read Biblical Greek

Posted: March 5th, 2019, 10:04 am
by Devenios Doulenios
Pierre, salut et bienvenu! Je suis heureux que tu es ici avec nous!

Having made some use of Pierre's materials for the Greek NT (the audio) and the Hebrew Bible (audio and text), I can recommend them to you all without reservation. I feel they go a long way toward achieving the stated goals of the project. I believe anyone who seeks to improve reading comprehension in the languages will benefit from BM. Ι look forward to using the text materials of the NT and the Septuagint.

χαρις και ειρηνη, חסד ושלום

Δεβένιος Δουλένιος