Chance of rain today? Use an ασπιδι!

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Chance of rain today? Use an ασπιδι!

Post by Paul-Nitz » June 1st, 2013, 6:04 am

A few of us Textkit members are corresponding almost daily about the weather in Greek. The repetitive topic helps in practicing structure. The photos that are often added to posts are helping in comprehension. The end result is both entertaining and brain building. Check it out, or join Textkit and the conversation here: ... &start=160

The experience is giving me some food for thought about Greek pedagogy.

  • A – Photos (or graphics, gestures, voice inflection) are all valuable aids when used within the act of communication, even if the communication is one-way, such as reading a text. But graphics have low pedagogical value when disconnected to communication or context. I’m thinking here mostly about learning vocabulary via pictures. If the pictures tell a story (see Comenius ) that counts as communication, in my mind and “works.” But if I am shown a picture of a round shield and told it this is ασπις, I’m not sure that’s very useful. See B-Greek “First 1000 Words” thread. ... hoto#p3605

    B –A conversation about the weather seems pretty dull. What it does, though, is limit the vocabulary without limiting the structure. As the TPRS people emphasize, “shelter vocabulary, not structure.” And, as Funk and others on B-Greek have pointed out, once structure is internalized, adding vocabulary is easily and more accurately done through engaging in the language through communication or reading within a meaningful context.

    C - Using ασπις (round shield) for "umbrella" might not be entirely accurate, but later revising the understanding of the meaning of individual words is fairly easy. If playing around with words results in more communication and more use of Greek structures, it's welcome.
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