Lexikon zur byzantinischen Gräzität (LBG) - online

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Lexikon zur byzantinischen Gräzität (LBG) - online

Post by Jonathan Robie » August 2nd, 2017, 9:29 am

A useful lexicon for those later words not found in Hellenistic literature - available for free on the Internet: Lexikon zur byzantinischen Gräzität (LBG)
This site is the result of a collaboration between the Lexikon zur byzantinischen Gräzität (LBG) published by the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Die Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften) and the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae® (TLG®) at the University of California, Irvine.

The LBG is the foremost lexicographical resource in Byzantine Studies mainly covering the period from the 4th to the 15th century A.D. taken from more than 3,000 texts. Seven fascicles have appeared to date, with one more scheduled to appear in 2016. When completed the dictionary will consist of more than 2,000 printed pages, containing approx. 80,000 lemmata.
The intro doesn't tell us if they met the completion date of 2016, or if that part is online.
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ἐξίσταντο δὲ πάντες καὶ διηποροῦντο, ἄλλος πρὸς ἄλλον λέγοντες, τί θέλει τοῦτο εἶναι;

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