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Initia Græca - inductive approach in contexts

Posted: October 19th, 2014, 6:49 am
by Stephen Hughes
I came across this work - Initia Græca; for the use of the Junior Classes of King's College School - which has some interesting points in the way it presents the language.

Have a look at the way that things are introduced in it. The skill of the presentation is not in the clever analysis, but in the progressive presentation. It is really a contextualised inductive approach. The notes are particularly easy to understand. For example, on page 65, in reference to page 35, there is an easy to understand note on how τυγχάνω and a few other verbs are used with participles. And the glossary makes a basic attempt to show the relationship between various verbal and nominal forms without getting etymological about it.

The preface says that it would suit students who know the rudiments of Latin already and would want to move onto Classical Greek. From the look of it, I think it could also suit those who know the basics of New Testament Greek and who wanted to take their first step towards a similar goal.