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古希腊语(新约)教程 - A Curriculum of New Testament Greek

Posted: December 27th, 2014, 2:28 pm
by Stephen Hughes
If you have someone you that wants to read Greek with you, whose first language is Mandarin, then you might like to recommend this three-volume set.
  • 古希腊语(新约)教程 (A Curriculum of New Testament Greek),华东师范大学出版社 (East China Normal University Press),in three volumes. (ISBN: 978-7-5617-5834-2). RRP: 198 yuan
The books are about B4 size and each volume contains about 500 pages. The contents of the volumes are as follows:
  • Volume One contains a comprehensive, but brief overview of Greek grammar and a number of intensive reading examples followed by grammar tables with explanations.
  • Volume Two is an extensive Greek - Chinese vocabulary list arranged by frequency and cognates, and a section on principal parts.
  • Volume Three is a Greek - Chinese reader's lexicon of the New Testament to allow for extensive reading prescriptions.