Abbott-Smith, Dodson in Alpheios Reading Tools for Firefox

Abbott-Smith, Dodson in Alpheios Reading Tools for Firefox

Postby Jonathan Robie » April 28th, 2014, 8:54 pm

To support New Testament Greek, the Dobson and Abbot Smith lexicons are now available on the site, in addition to Liddell-Scott-Jones for Classical Greek and Authenrieth for Homeric Greek.

Alpheios is a great tool for reading Greek on any Web page, with morphological parsing, lexicons, online grammars, tree diagramming, and other useful tools. If you can see Greek text on a web page, you can use it with Alpheios. We have discussed it previously in this B-Greek thread:

Alpheios requires Firefox. It does not run on other browsers, but it runs fine on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Download Alpheios by clicking the 'Alpheios Greek and Latin Tools' button on:

and following the instructions on that page.
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