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Postby Paul-Nitz » May 4th, 2012, 9:24 am

Anki, a powerful digital flashcard program. It is a free download.

If you are looking to improve rote memorization of anything, Anki's program is a powerful tool.

Brief Description:
In the Anki program, a "deck" is a set of digital flashcards. For example, a question on one side (What is the capital of Malawi?), and an answer on the other (Lilongwe).

The best part of Anki is the alorithm that is used to review information. If you answer a card wrong, you can choose to review it sooner. If you are right, you choose later. The algorithm does the rest.

Learning Curve:
If someone is is using a prepared "shared deck" (downloaded from within the program) there is really no learning curve at all to using Anki.
Creating your own deck card by card is not too difficult.
But the documentation for importing lists of information to automatically create a deck, is a bit more difficult.

It looks like there are thousands of prepared decks from many different disciplines. I've only really looked at the Greek resources.
There are several Greek vocabulary "decks" of flashcards to choose that someone has already set up. There are also a few inflection and declension decks. See below.
Vocabulary decks include some general lists and some keyed to Greek primers. A list of some of them are at the bottom of this message.

An exciting capability in Anki is that you can easily add images and/or audio to a flashcard. This may open up the possibility of learning that is more than rote memorization. Imagine a deck of cards with an action image on one side. "Flip" the card and you hear and see the corresponding Greek. See my post at B-Greek "Board Index < Projects"

List of some Greek decks:

Vocabulary decks keyed to primers include:
    Greek to Me
    Hansen & Quinn
Title: Greek New Testament vocab (unicode format)
    Tags: bible greek new testament koine
    Size: 713.10KB
    Uploader: None
    Downloads: 1427
    Modified: 2.7 years ago

    This file contains all of the lexemes in the Greek New Testament (UBS4), added by descending frequency. All translation glosses and frequencies are taken from BibleWorks 8. All entries are tagged by part of speech, and also frequency brackets (1-9, 10-19, 20-34, 35-49, 50+).
Title: Koine Greek: All NT words - Mounce 3rd ed.
    Tags: koine greek bible biblical
    Size: 741.86KB
    Uploader: None
    Downloads: 1779
    Modified: 2.1 years ago

    This is a Koine Greek vocab set (unicode). It has been released for use with Bill Mounce's, "Basics of Biblical Greek" (3rd ed.).

    The database was built with Bill Mounce's help and permission. It is tagged for use with his grammar and contains all words in the New Testament which are tagged according to frequency.

    All words/definitions from frequency 1-9 are taken from Accordance Bible Software.
Title: Homeric Greek vocabulary (frequency 50+)
    Tags: greek homer homeric classics vocabulary
    Size: 68.17KB
    Uploader: None
    Downloads: 347
    Modified: 2.0 years ago

    This deck includes all parts of speech (nouns, verbs, particles, conjunctions) that occur 50 or more times in the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Title: New Testament Greek (Keyed to Metzger's "Lexical Aids")
    Tags: Greek New Testament Biblical Koine Hellenistic Metzger Unicode
    Size: 193.72KB
    Uploader: None
    Downloads: 325
    Modified: 1.5 years ago

    Nov. 6, 2010 (Unicode)

    New Testament Greek vocabulary keyed to Bruce Metzger's "Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek."

    All lexical forms of NT vocabulary down to 10 uses. Not all the definitions are identical to the book—though I've modified a few to more closely reflect Metzger's English glosses. Unless your teacher is exceptionally rigid about definitions (of which most are nearly identical to Metzger's), this list should be adequate.

    Vocabulary is tagged by "group" (frequency range in "Lexical Aids") and "week," following the syllabus of a recent course I took.

    I recommend using the SBL Greek font, freely available at:

    I plan to update the definitions when I have time (whenever that will be), but if anyone else decides to do so, please email me at and I will happily update this entry, giving due credit, of course.
Title: LXX Greek Vocabulary - 100 Times or More
    Size: 191.12KB
    Uploader: None
    Downloads: 42
    Modified: 8.0 months ago

    All Greek words used in the LXX 100 times or more, sorted from most frequent to least frequent so you get the most bang for your study-buck
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