Chantraine\s Etymological Greek Dictionary

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Stephen Carlson
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Chantraine\s Etymological Greek Dictionary

Post by Stephen Carlson » April 24th, 2014, 6:44 am

Pierre Chantraine's Etymological Greek Dictionary is found online here: ... gique-Grec

The current state-of-the-art for Greek etymology is Robert Beekes, Etymological Dictionary of Greek, which is by Brill and prohibitively expensive, but I noticed that in many entries, Beekes just follows Chantraine, which is freely available on Internet Archive as noted above.
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Re: Chantraine\s Etymological Greek Dictionary

Post by cwconrad » April 24th, 2014, 6:55 am

Thanks for the heads-up, Stephen. This is a valuable tool for some kinds of research.
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οὔτοι ἀπ’ ἀρχῆς πάντα θεοὶ θνητοῖς ὑπέδειξαν,
ἀλλὰ χρόνῳ ζητέοντες ἐφευρίσκουσιν ἄμεινον. (Xenophanes, Fragment 16)

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