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ΟΝΟΜΑΤΑ ΚΕΧΙΑΣΜΕΝΑ, Τhe Ancient Greek Puzzle Magazine

Posted: May 25th, 2015, 7:15 pm
by Devenios Doulenios
Do you like to relax with a crossword puzzle? Do you find that a game using your Greek helps make it more real to you and helps internalize it? Then you will want to try the Ancient Greek puzzle magazine ΟΝΟΜΑΤΑ ΚΕΧΙΑΣΜΕΝΑ. (ΟΝΟΜΑΤΑ, pl. of ὄνομα, can mean "words" as a grammatical term--see LSJ. ΚΕΧΙΑΣΜΕΝΑ, from χιάζω, can mean "arrange crosswise". Thus, "Crosswords". Cf. χιασμός, chiasmus.)

The magazine has crosswords, riddles, proverbs, connect the dots pictures, word searches, and other kinds of puzzles, with both clues and puzzles in Ancient Greek. There are also short news articles about current events in Neo-Attic from Akropolis World News, the website I have recommended before. It even has a cartoon series adapted from the Asterix one enjoyed by some Latin students for years.

The publisher started out last year with a puzzle magazine for Latin students (with an all-Latin format) called HEBDOMADA AENIGMATUM and toward the end of the year included a page or two of Greek puzzles in one issue. Apprarently there was such positive feedback that they decided to publish a separate Greek magazine. The content has been based on Classical Greek so far, including some Homer, but it may be that some Koine authors will be drawn on in time. The Latin magazine has included a little Christian Latin along with its classical-based materials.

Subscriptions are free of charge. You can subscribe by going to the website and filling out the registration form. The magazine is sent as an email attachment in PDF format. PDFs are printable. One caveat: according to the publisher, a technical issue currently does not allow you to subscribe seperately to the Greek issues, so the subscription will bring both the Latin magazine and the Greek one to your inbox. If you don't want the Latin one, just delete it or forward it to someone (a separate email is used for each language magazine).

For those of us like me who want to learn ancient Greek by a more immersive/communicative approach and also have some fun doing it, this looks like it will be a great resource. While some of it is above my competence level, it is fun trying and I feel you will enjoy it also. The magazine may work best for those who are not absolute beginners, but it will be helpful to many.

Δεβἐνιος Δουλένιος
Devenios Doulenios