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Ruben Gómez on "Reverse Interlinears"

Posted: November 23rd, 2011, 6:35 am
by cwconrad
There is an interesting comparison of the "reverse interlinears" that are being made available in increasing measure by the packagers of Biblical software prepared by Ruben Gómez on his "Bible Software Review" blog at

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He displays options now accessible from WORDsearch, Logos 4, and Accordance 9.5. Unquestionably these options are being offered increasingly because there's a demand for them and because they are selling well (I guess that's a tautology, but I think that both formulations hit the mark). In conclusion, Gómez notes, " ... this is an important tool for those who do not know or aren’t proficient enough in the Biblical languages. The kinds of studies that can be performed with reverse interlinears nowadays are pretty sophisticated." I don't doubt that this is a great boon for those who want to pretend that they understand the GNT at first hand; I think too that this development goes hand in hand with the dwindling numbers of seminaries that endeavor to bring their students to any real competence in the Biblical languages. [Although I saw this "on the Web," I'm not exactly comfortable with calling it "Cool Stuff."]