The Verity Project

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James Cuénod
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The Verity Project

Post by James Cuénod » March 5th, 2012, 1:45 pm

Hi all,

This is to announce the first official release of Verity (
Verity is a free Bible program that aims at helping users use the original languages in Bible study.
We have Tischendorf GNT (along with parsing and dictionary references) alongside the NET text.
The free NET notes are included which have some brilliant commentary on translation and textual criticism.
The NET text is indexed for searching, unfortunately the Greek is not yet.

We're planning on getting the SBL GNT in (with parsing and strongs references) as well the LXX.

In the meantime though, Verity's features include continuous scrolling and a parallel display that correctly lines up texts (which is particularly useful in the Old Testament with the WLC).
Verity is also open source (built on Qt and CLucene) so we'd love contributions from the community.

There's only a Windows installer right now but we're developing on Ubuntu, Fedora and a Mac so if you're comfortable compiling head over to and take the source code for a spin. It would be awesome to hear your thoughts if you try it out.
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Jonathan Robie
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Re: The Verity Project

Post by Jonathan Robie » March 6th, 2012, 3:04 pm

I downloaded it and looked around a bit. Good start! Nice use of fonts, very attractive.

On Windows, it installed without difficulty (I have limited access to Windows). I could only get it to show some Hebrew Old Testament texts, not sure what I was doing wrong. The parsing didn't seem to work for me, at least not for Genesis. Very oriented toward verse-by-verse display of English / Hebrew in parallel.

I didn't find any instructions on building under Linux, there were no make files or ant files or such. You might want to consider using cmake (a cross-platform, open-source build system) or some similar tool.

If I were starting a new project, I might consider a more modern source code control system, e.g. git, Bazaar, or Mercurial. But that's me ...
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