Anki Flashcard Deck - Verb Inflection

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Anki Flashcard Deck - Verb Inflection

Post by Paul-Nitz » May 4th, 2012, 9:32 am

I've "shared" an Anki deck for reviewing verb forms. It's ordered intuitively (or maybe just oddly). For those who know Anki, if you are interested, go to share decks and search for "Greek Verbs - Intuitive Inflection, Ver. 001" (Or type "nitz" in the search line and it should show). The deck description is below.

Regarding Anki, see B-Greek Post " ... =28&t=1213

Deck Description
Review imperatives of all most types of verbs.
Review the inflection of Omega verb, παυω.

Special Features:
370 inflected forms
Imperative of all major types of verbs are shown, Thematic Omega, Contract verbs (x3), Regular Mi verb, -νυμι verb.
A full inflection of παυω is listed. The order of the list follows what I am theorizing would be a more intuitive way of learning the inflections. A string of verbs in the same PERSON is reviewed, rather than the forms of all persons within a particular tense, voice, mood. The learner will be able to keep one "actor" in mind as he learns the verbs. E.g. "he stops, he was stopping, he stops himself, he will stop, he stopped, he may stop."

Detailed description
Imperative of verbs: παῦσαι, τίμησαι, ποιήσαι, δηλῶσαι, θείναι, ἀναστῆναι, δοῦναι, & δῦναι and all forms in all moods of παυω.

The deck contains four parts:
[li]1. Introduction of the verbs (using the Aorist Infinitive).
2. All Imperative forms in all voices and persons.
3. The 1st Person Singular of παυω in all moods, tenses, & voices.
4. All other persons of παυω in all moods, tenses, & voices. In this section, the "Front" of the card will show a clue such as "ἔπαυον, καὶ σύ..." The "Back" of the card will then show the answer, "ἔπαυες."[/li]

The inflection of παυω was taken from Crosby/Schaeffer "An Introduction to Greek"
The Imperatives and Infinitives of other verbs was taken from Smyth.

Typos – please report to
ιστημι was taken from Smyth and changed it to ανιστημι. Mistakes (esp. accents) are more likely with this verb.

In order for this deck to be truly intuitive, I think two things could be added:
Audio for all forms.
Comic book like sketches that would "define" the form.
If anyone edits and uploads a new version of this deck, please change the version number. E.g. Ver. 002, 003, 004, etc.
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Paul D. Nitz - Lilongwe Malawi

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