Cramer's Catena with Glossa Ordinaria

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Cramer's Catena with Glossa Ordinaria

Postby John Litteral » June 21st, 2014, 4:56 pm

I have recently published a translation of the Glossa Ordinaria on the Epistles of John, and am getting ready for another project. Plans at the moment is 1-2 Thessalonians of the Glossa Ordinaria and Cramer's Catena. I want to have a volume that brings the great Latin Gloss together with a Greek Catena. I have a Greek translator committed to it as well as a professional Latin translator committed to the Gloss. I would love to have others who might be interested to participate in this as well or another similar project of another book of the Bible! I can publish it and add it to the series.


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