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Your Chance to Comment on a New Bible Translation

Posted: September 13th, 2011, 7:11 pm
by Devenios Doulenios
χαιρετε, πασιν–Hello, everybody!

The moderators have kindly allowed me to announce the following translation project here. Please note that B-Greek is not hosting or sponsoring the project.

Fellow B-Greek member Refe Tuma, the site admin at Greeking Out,, has offered to host my translation of the Gospel of John, the first portion of what will eventually be a translation of the entire New Testament. For now, I am calling it the Dewayne Dulaney Version, or DDV. Later I may think up a snappier name. :)

After discussing with Refe the best approach, we agreed on my posting the installments on the blog at Greeking Out. Over time these will be compiled and put on the Resources page there. The Translator’s Preface, which gives the goals and methods of the translation, and discusses its features, has been posted already; you can read it here:

Among these features will be extensive notes on key Greek terms and on the grammar and syntax of various passages in John as these bear on questions of exegesis and translation, as well as studies of Greek idioms. There will also be appendixes where selected important Greek terms and theological concepts will be discussed at greater length, such as the term μονογενης used in Jn. 1:14, 18; 3:16, 18; 1 Jn. 4:9. There will also be notes on textual variants that bear on the translation, a glossary, and a bibliography.

Refe plans to have chapter 1 and notes ready to post later this week, hopefully by Thursday.

This project is still in the draft stage, but I am inviting you, both B-Greek members and visitors, to try out the work and comment. I believe the work can benefit from your input. Whether it is discussing the accuracy of the translation, its readiblity, or how helpful the notes and appendixes may be, I want to hear from you.

As I want to make the work useful to as wide an audience as possible, this translation seeks to put the meaning of the Greek into clear, natural English. As a result, I have tried hard to avoid “Biblish” and theological terms or “churchese” that does not communicate to the common reader. At the same time, I am seeking to do the work with the highest standards of scholarship. Most important, I desire to honor the Lord Jesus Christ with this effort.

For more information on the goals and features of the translation, please read the Preface at the link above.

Again, I invite you to try out and comment on this new effort.

May God bless,

Δεβένιος Δουλένιος
Devenios Doulenios

Re: Your Chance to Comment on a New Bible Translation

Posted: April 26th, 2013, 10:52 pm
by Devenios Doulenios
Update: due to problems with hackers, Refe had to take his site down some time back (I hope he gets to start it again later), and eventually I decided to host the Gospel of John Project on my own new blog, Let Ancient Voices Speak, The Translator's Preface and chapter 1 are now posted, and I hope to add chapter 2 soon. I am retrofitting ch. 1 with some additional code to help navigation between the footnotes and the text (kindly provided by Refe, whose expertise and encouragement have been invaluable), and after that is done, I'll post ch. 2.

Here are the shortlinks for the available material already posted:

John DDV Translator’s Preface:

John DDV chapter 1:

I look forward to your feedback. :D