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Stephen Hill

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I decided I wanted to learn Greek when I read C. S. Lewis describe the glories of Homer in Surprised By Joy. That was in high school; two years later, a freshman in college, I enrolled in Greek 111. I stuck with it for a total of four semesters before my English major and philosophy and Spanish minors made it impossible to continue. I graduated in December 2010 and have spent the past four months working through the JACT Reading Greek course as a refresher. My primary interest –- aside from simply reading Greek, which is its own reward –- is in applying the insights of second language acquisition theory and modern language pedagogical methods to teaching ancient languages. The contributions of B-Greek list members, especially Dr. Conrad, Dr. Buth, and Mike Aubrey, have been extremely helpful to me -- most of all during my first year of Greek in 2007, when I was trying to reconcile the instructor’s grammar-translation approach with the communicative methodology I’d experienced when learning Spanish and French, but didn’t know how to articulate the differences I was noticing. I blog about a variety of topics, including ancient language pedagogy, at
BA, Bryan College (English literature), Dayton, TN, 2010
MA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Teaching English as a Second Language), anticipated 2013

Languages studied (in order of competency): Spanish, French, Greek, Latin, Italian, Hebrew
ἡμεῖς οὐχ Ἕλληνες• ἀνέλληνες δὲ φιλοῦμεν
τὴν οὐ καρφομένην Ἑλλάδος ἀνθοσύνην. – Headlam

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