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Jeremy Spencer

Postby Jeremy Spencer » June 2nd, 2011, 5:11 pm


I'm the pastor of a small American Baptist Church in upstate, NY. I began to study Greek at William Jewell College in Liberty, MO, in the fall of 1976. (I registered for Greek because courses in French, German, and Spanish were not available that semester.) Anyway, I loved it, worked away at it all through college, did an independent study on Greek papyri, incorporated NT Greek into a self-designed major, and wrote an Honors Project on Romans 9-11. I graduated from William Jewell, then received an M.Div. from the Central Baptist Theological Seminary (then in Kansas City, KS) in 1983; and went on to grad school at the University of Iowa for a few years but didn't earn a degree. At the University of Iowa I once took a course on Philo, and the course involved reading Philonic Greek. I've used NT Greek weekly in ministry projects since 1988, and it's been one of the joys of ministry. More recently, I've been moving into reading other materials written in ancient Greek. I've enjoyed the B-Greek list for awhile now and have participated occasionally in discussions. I'm looking forward to discussions in this format, too.

I'm married and have two adopted children.

Best wishes,
Jeremy Spencer
Jeremy Spencer
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