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Nikolaos Adamou
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Nikolaos Adamou

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A native Greek, graduate from the University of Thessaloniki majoring in Economics and Public Law.
A reader at the Greek Orthodox Church, from Bishop Augustinos Kantiotis of Florina.
Masters in Economics, and Ph.D. in Managerial Economics from RPI.
He published in Greece the following books:
a) Πάντων Ἡμῶν (ἤ Ὑμῶν) μνησθείηι Κύριος ὁ Θεός; {Αll of us (or you) will God remember?)
β) Reading New & Old Testament from the Ecclessiastical Text
γ) Theodosios' Grammar - the logical reasoning in Greek Grammar

He served as a Senor Fiscal economist for the Ways & Means Committee of the New York State Assembly
responsible for modeling the national and state economy in order to plan and implement State's Fiscal policy.

Also served as an adviser to the Minister of Finance in Greece for matters related to fiscal policy and management,
and then in the ministries of Interior and Health. Was appointed by the Minister of Health and approved by the
Greek Parliament as the first chair and CEO of the Regional Health and Welfare System of Epirus, Greece, where
he organized and developed this regional organization.

He is teaching Business Decisions using quantitative techniques and Management.

He also teaches Biblical Greek in the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Seminary in Jordanville NY.
His first contribution to the B-List was on the μιᾶς ἀνδρὸς ἀνήρ.

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