Hello from Stephanos (Steve Watkins)

Please introduce yourself here, if you haven't already.
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Hello from Stephanos (Steve Watkins)

Post by Stephanos » February 5th, 2014, 11:44 am

My name is Steve Watkins and I started to learn Classical Greek at an evening class many years ago in London.

Since then I have kept my Greek going (and then Latin and over the past year Hebrew) off and on and in the past few years I have attenbded the Summer School at Durham University, which has been very helpful.

I have never taken any exams or qualifications in the subject and for many years I have been entirely on my own since I found that (a) few people in Church were interested in Greek, either Classical or Koine, and (b) most vicars are too busy doing other things to attend to someone in their congregation who wants to progress in Greek.

However, recently, Andrew Shergold, a Bishop of the Philippine Church, joined our congregation (in Buckingham) and one day I asked him whether he knew of a Hebrew course I could take. At the time there were very very few (I think the City Lit has recently started one) and none at times convenient to me, and he then said, which firmly placed the ball in my court, 'Well', he said 'I could teach you'. So I started along with 4 others to learn OT Hebrew and very useful it has been as well.

Recently (this year) we have started an NT Greek class at our church with about 12 attendees. Now, I am new this forum and I do not know whether this is the right place for this question. Are there any other churches that are running courses of this kind? I think I found one from this board but are there any others please? It would be useful to exchange notes.
We are using Wenham's Elements of New Testament Greek', which I am not that keen on but one has to start somewhere.

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