Hey o

Please introduce yourself here, if you haven't already.
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Dwayne Green
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Hey o

Post by Dwayne Green » September 11th, 2014, 5:20 pm

Hey guys!

Some of you may recognize me as Uberdwayne from the textkit forums. I've posted here before too, but its been so long I figured I might as well reintroduce myself. So here goes...

My name is Dwayne Green, I live in South Western Ontario up in Canada :). I've been on the Greek train for about 5 or 6 years now and have found it to be a super exciting part of my life. I'm mostly self taught, so undoubtedly there are holes in my knowledge, but I believe I'm in the intermediate range. I've gone through Mounce and read through Wallace, some of Robertson, and recently, I found Dana and Mantey on a local listing site for cheap :) I tend to read lots, so my knowledge has certainly grown much. I have found though, that the most effective way to learning greek was to get into the text and read, read, read. Often memorizing tenses by coming across it in context is, to me, much easier then filtering the verb through a bunch of rules. Rules are great, but I feel they should be employed as an aid, rather than completely relied upon over something we should have memorized. After all, in english, I don't run verbs through the rules to know something is a past tense, I just know from usage that its a past tense.

I'm currently the associate editor with CSPMT (Center for the Study and Preservation of the Majority text) and we are currently working to create an apparatus which takes into account the various Byzantine families, with an f35 (kr) base text.

Anyway, my hope is to learn from those here, contribute to discussions and aid those who are newer to Greek then I.

εν Χριστω
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Stirling Bartholomew
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Re: Hey o

Post by Stirling Bartholomew » September 12th, 2014, 2:25 pm

Hello Dwayne,

We have already been talking at the other place. Sounds like you have a good approach to learning the language.
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C. Stirling Bartholomew

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