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I was first inspired to seek reading fluency in biblical Greek by my NT Professor (& eventual mentor & Ph.D. supervisor), Tom Schreiner, who teaches & preaches with ease directly from the NA27 Greek text. The example of two OT Professors, Peter Gentry & Russell Fuller, who read both the Hebrew OT & Greek NT fluently, spurred me further.

During my Ph.D. studies, I became convinced that extensive new work on the biblical languages was required to generate a new generation of data & tools because it seemed to me that biblical exegesis & theology were increasingly substantially divorced from sound & thorough interaction with the original texts of the Bible. After much personal research & study, I settled on a course that marries traditional grammatical knowledge, modern linguistics, computational technology, & intensive empirical study of the biblical source texts as my life project. My current goal is to produce flexibly reusable & adaptable data & tools that can (a) assist scholars in the study of both the language & text of the Greek NT (& to a lesser extent the LXX & possibly other Hellenistic Greek texts) & the Hebrew OT; & (b) bridge the gap to allow non-experts access to original language analysis of the biblical texts. Ultimately, I dream of the day when practically all exegesis & theology (from scholars, pastors, & laypeople alike worldwide) will be based on extensive & sound interaction with the source biblical texts in the original Greek & Hebrew. I believe that this vision will be realized on the backs of voluminous new scholarly research & sweeping technological innovations now beginning to take shape from a multitude of disparate sources. Lord willing, I am hopeful that I will see the dawning of a new age of biblical enlightenment within my lifetime.

Academic Career (as relevant to Greek):
2008-present Linguist, Asia Bible Society: My main responsibilities are to edit & manage the Hebrew Old Testament & Greek New Testament syntactic treebanks & all Hebrew & Greek datasets produced in conjunction with them.
2008-present co-chair for the Biblical Greek Language & Linguistics section of the Society of Biblical Literature http://greeklanguageandlinguistics.wordpress.com/
2005-present occasional independent contractor working on original language data on the Greek New Testament & Septuagint for Logos Bible Software
2005-2008 Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Kentucky Christian University, Grayson, Kentucky: Taught Greek along with other biblical & theological courses.

Contributions to Electronic Greek Resources:
2010 General Editor, The Lexham Greek-English Interlinear Septuagint (Logos Bible Software)
2009 Co-editor with Andi Wu, The Cascadia Syntax Graphs of the New Testament (Logos Bible Software)
2006 Co-primary annotator and co-editor with Matthew Brook O’Donnell, The OpenText.org Syntactically Analyzed Greek New Testament (Logos Bible Software or http://www.opentext.org/texts/NT.html)
I also worked on the NASB English-Greek New Testament Reverse Interlinear and recently filled in the gaps in the Göttingen Septuagint morph for Logos Bible Software

2004, Ph.D. New Testament, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY
1999, M.Div. Biblical & Theological Studies, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY
1996, B.A. Political Science & History, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
Randall Tan

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