Didache, in Greek, on Youtube

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Jonathan Robie
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Didache, in Greek, on Youtube

Post by Jonathan Robie » March 11th, 2012, 4:58 pm

I was curious about Nikolaos Adamou, so I looked around and found his blog, which links to some Youtube videos.

For instance, here's the first of his reading of the Didache. Nice!
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ἐξίσταντο δὲ πάντες καὶ διηποροῦντο, ἄλλος πρὸς ἄλλον λέγοντες, τί θέλει τοῦτο εἶναι;

Wayne Kirk
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Re: Didache, in Greek, on Youtube

Post by Wayne Kirk » March 12th, 2012, 4:41 pm

I'm thankful for members like Nikolaos, Mark Lightman, Louis Sorenson, and others who take the time to record materials like this for the benefit of others.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but it seems that colleges and universities are turning out fewer and fewer Classics majors. I've also witnessed first hand at what the seminaries are doing with their original language curriculums. At times I feel like we're a shrinking community. The wonderful thing about the age in which we're living is that despite our geographic diversity, we can still be a real community of language lovers.

I also want to thank the other experts who participate in the B-Greek forum. Those of us who are little more than rank amateurs certainly appreciate your guidance, patience, and scholarship.
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