Epraem on stauros

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Ulrikhe Lukoie
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Epraem on stauros

Post by Ulrikhe Lukoie » August 26th, 2012, 7:59 pm

Hola everyone
Here's a screenshot on Ephraem's the Syrian book
lets see(clicable):

and there's the same in latin, just in case. It was bilingua book.

Any way, i'm very curious about the "stauros" word here. Can anyone enlighten me with the S shape on here. I'm aware of the staurogram, but here we have something else.

And one more question. There's Markus VInzent's article abot this particular quotatiob from Ephraemm(which i dont agree with, by the way), and there he counts that 100 from the "help" word, which he spells like βοήθια, so it fits right. But in the text we see βοήθεια, which adds extra 5 to the count. At the moment i'm a bit blind where the problem is. But there's something wrong for sure.
Can anyone help with that please?
0 x

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