Apostolic Polyglot

I don't understand what my textbook is saying about X. Can someone help me?
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Jonathan Robie
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Apostolic Polyglot

Post by Jonathan Robie » September 5th, 2014, 3:46 pm

Claire Davidson wrote:Hi, just wondering if anyone has the Apostolic Bible Polygot by Charles Van der pool? He has transcribed the Septuagint OT and Greek NT in one bible. As I am unsure which greek translation is best I would like to hear from some who know about these things. I look forward to your replies...thanks
Hi Claire,

He has a web site here: http://apostolicbible.com/. It's an interlinear, not what you need to start reading Greek. Interlinears rot your brain and make you think you can read Greek when you can't.

The Apostolic Bible Polyglot is a numerically coded Greek-English interlinear Bible with auxilliary works. Each Greek word in the text has an AB-Strong number above it and an English word below...see example above. The AB-Strong number corresponds to the numbering system of the 1239 page Apostolic Bible Polyglot Old Testament (LXX) (which does not contain the Deutero-canonicals), the 374 page Apostolic Bible Polyglot New Testament, the 364 page Lexical Concordance of The Apostolic Bible Polyglot click here, the 88 page English-Greek Index of The Apostolic Bible Polyglot click here, and the 419 page Analytical Lexicon of The Apostolic Bible Polyglot (available via the CD-ROM and Full Download only) click here. All of the above are available in the full PDF version download below or on the CD-ROM available at the BOOKSTORE. The printed edition, available on the BOOKSTORE, does not contain The Analytical Lexicon of The Apostolic Bible Polyglot.
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ἐξίσταντο δὲ πάντες καὶ διηποροῦντο, ἄλλος πρὸς ἄλλον λέγοντες, τί θέλει τοῦτο εἶναι;

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Re: Apostolic Polyglot

Post by Hansen » April 26th, 2017, 1:06 am

Interlinears can be quite helpful for word study and lexicography. Vanderpool's work is very useful for that purpose.
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