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Re: Eph.4:16 διὰ πάσης ἁφῆς τῆς ἐπιχορηγίας

Posted: April 1st, 2017, 4:36 pm
by Arsenios (George) Blaisdell
Perhaps a diagram might be helpful, and it looks chiastic:

ο χριστος (immediately prior):

1 εξ ου παν το σωμα
2 συναρμολογουμενον και συμβιβαζομενον
3 δια πασης αφης της επιχορηγιας
3' κατ ενεργειαν εν μετρω ενος εκαστου μερους
2' την αυξησιν του σωματος ποιειται
1' εις οικοδομην εαυτου εν αγαπη

If so, the sentence may be a translation of Hebrew that borders on an almost negligent transliteration, but when read casually in English or Greek seems to flow along ok and make sense. The precision in the diagram, which the Hebrew mind would find obvious, gets easily lost in such a linear read.

Your question on line 3 may have dia pashs governing both aphhs and ths epichorhgias, or it may simply mean "through every connection of supply", then "according to the operaton...etc" then "unto the building up..."

In this structure, it can be worth reading it in its chiastic order - eg 1, 1', 2, 2', 3, 3' - Which will often yield a passable English gloss without appreciable elegance...

Mind you!