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Re: Measuring Interest in Basic Greek Composition

Posted: July 3rd, 2015, 5:14 pm
by Jonathan Robie
Louis L Sorenson wrote:Is there a solution to this problem? I'm not sure. I suppose there are 200-300 Greek Koine professors out there. People who teach NT Greek, Koine Greek, in academic institutions in the US. If we on B-Greek could get 10 to participate, that would be fantastic. But no one wants to reveal their weaknesses. At some point, those who have some confidence/competence reveal their identities and in their revelations, let other compositionists let everyone know that in most posts, after you hit 'submit', you realize you made about 3-5 errors in the post. That 'error' hurdle is the issue a composition forum has to compensate for.
Sure, we could use private forums for this, or a combination of private threads and open threads. The trick is to figure out how to organize this.

For instance, we could have a public thread for general assignments, assigning tasks, gathering up good solutions to the composition problems and other materials like useful phrases for discussing texts.

In addition, we could have a small private thread for each workgroup, so people don't have to reveal their mistakes to the world as a whole in order to participate.

Our forum software can be set up this way. Carl, Wes, and I have been experimenting with this quietly in the last few weeks. I think we could find motivated students and motivated teachers.