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Where to make comments on verses?

Posted: July 23rd, 2011, 11:57 am
by Louis L Sorenson
I'm wondering about the structure of this forum. I'm posting this question in this forum because the users in this forum are not all moderators, and cannot see the discussion if it were in the administration forum. I think this reading group is a different breed of sorts than the other forums on B-Greek. It is kind of a learning curve for all of us. Ken M. Penner has been kind enough to share his notes with us, and I'm concerned in the early stages to maximize the forum's usefulness as far as organization and give the best experience to participating users in regards to where to make posts, receiving notification of answers on their questions, etc.

Ken is making notes for each of the chapters, so there will be 66 topic threads of his notes. It makes sense for him to make all his posts for the chapter under each chapter post. But the phpBB software does not let the poster respond to a specific post in a thread, but places every new post at the end of all the posts for that topic "e.g. Notes on Chapter 1"

The problem is this. If someone asks the question, there may be intervening posts between the question and the answer, in some cases, there may be many intervening posts. Also, that post (question, answer, or note) is not under the verse subsection but most likely at the end of the entire note section. He/she will also most likely not know his/her question was answered.

So my question is, should people make separate posts for a question on a specific text, or put that post under the chapter notes?

Re: Where to make comments on verses?

Posted: July 23rd, 2011, 12:05 pm
by Jason Hare
That would seem the most reasonable option.

Posts that are made in the notes thread would likely be overlooked or divided up by further notes, etc. Additionally, creating more threads in the subforum would serve to populate it so that it doesn't remain with only about 66 superstuffed threads. This would also keep the original threads from being distracted from their purpose – to provide the Greek text of the work and discuss variations and oddities.

If the purpose is that the text be presented in a readable manner, it would make sense to keep side issues off of the main threads and as part of their own threads. I agree with your suggestion.