Default Word Order with Nominative Personal Pronouns

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Re: Default Word Order with Nominative Personal Pronouns

Post by MAubrey » October 7th, 2013, 9:07 am

Stephen Carlson wrote:
MAubrey wrote:Helma Dik, "On Unemphatic 'Emphatic' Pronouns in Greek: Nominative pronouns in Plato and Sophocles", Mnemosyne 2003.

She's writing about nominative pronouns that appear in the post verbal position (like our Rev 22:18 instance).
Thanks for mentioning this article, but my impression what that she was discussing second position nominative pronouns

That's what I meant. Sorry. my memory of the article was clouded by an actual conversation I had with Helma about this phenomena where we were particularly about the coincidence of second position with the post-verbal position. I should have been more specific.
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