The meaning of ὁρίζω in Romans 1:4

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Re: The meaning of ὁρίζω in Romans 1:4

Postby KimmoHuovila » November 26th, 2012, 9:59 am

AMSpencer wrote:
KimmoHuovila wrote:Appointing is a performative definition and declaration is a public definition that need not be performative.

Kimmo, if I understand correctly the language that you are using in "performative" then I think you are right at the point that I am asking about. As I look at the use of this word in the rest of the NT (limited data, granted), I feel like the action is always "performative." That is, this word always reflects an act of making something so, determining that it will be so. I am questioning whether it is ever used in the sense of simply stating something publicly as fact that has already been so for some time previous. I think this is what you are saying with your terminology, but correct me if I am wrong. Do you have an idea of some evidence/instances that show that the word does mean the merely "public definition" idea?

I think you have understood me correctly. Unfortunately, I don't have the time right now to look for hard evidence. Just looking at a word that has the range of meanings that LSJ shows makes me cautious. They list 'define' among the senses. However, one would have to go beyond a dictionary and look at the examples themselves. Perhaps someone else on the list has the time to pick some relevant examples, as you pose an interesting question.
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