Hitting Preview for slow typists not to lose their work

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Stephen Hughes
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Hitting Preview for slow typists not to lose their work

Post by Stephen Hughes » December 27th, 2014, 10:51 am

If you are a slow typist (or a long-winded poster) and you take a long time to compose a post, there are times when you hit the Submit button, the system asks you to log in again, and when you do, you have lost all your work and you have to start again, right?

Apart from the value of learning patience through suffering, it is a downright waste of time to retype things multiple times.

I don't have a concept of time when I'm thinking about something deeply, and I don't have the presence of mind to copy the contents of my post to the clip-board "just in case" before I post. The result was that I was losing about 1 post in 10.

What I have found is that pressing the Preview button next to the Submit button rather than just pressing the submit button allows me to go back to the previous page after the system has automatically logged me out. What you may be finding is that after you have pushed the Submit button and the system has automatically logged you out, there is no way to go back - your work is lost, and perhaps some of your creativity with it. :cry: I have no idea about the program design here, but I guess that this is probably actually a security weakness in the phpbb programing - which is probably designed to automatically log out after extended periods of server-side inactivity, but is not so secure in terms of client-side inactivity followed by previewing, but regardless of whether that is or is not the case, it is some sort of inconsistency that we can use for advantage to beat the system and not lose work.

My work doesn't get lost every time, and I'm not sure if this tip works every time on all systems, but since I've gotten into the habit of first pressing the Preview button before Submit, I have lost a lot less work. :)
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