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Re: Tischendorf 8th Edition

Posted: June 29th, 2016, 6:18 pm
by Alan Bunning
Jonathan Robie wrote:Has anyone compared the quality of these editions to Ulrik's MorphGNT version of Tischendorf?

I would expect this to be good quality, though old and Beta.

Alan - do you have a complete Tischendorf? Do you know if it differs from Ulrik's, and how?
The one I compared of Ulrik's from github that had errors may not be the latest one. From the link you posted, I am not sure which link under the text category contains the latest version. The "unaccented" link appears to be Clint Yale's old one, but then there is also a "parsed" link and "accented" link. Let me know which one is the latest and greatest and I will check against that.

Re: Tischendorf 8th Edition

Posted: June 30th, 2016, 4:51 pm
by Tony Pope
Jonathan Robie wrote:
Alan Bunning wrote:I can put out a version of Tischendorf’s 8th edition that corrects all of these errors if someone can tell me two things:

1. What word belongs in Luke 10:34 πανδοκιον or πανδοχιον? I cannot tell from the scan I have.
2. Which (if any) reading belongs at John 7:53-8:11? I don’t know Latin and I don’t know what the D and S over the readings mean. I am assuming that one of those readings belongs in double brackets.
In the scan I'm looking at, Luke 10:34 definitely looks like πανδοκιον to me. And that's what MorphGNT has, too.

For John 7:53-8:11, I don't read Latin either. But there are people here who do ...
Luke 10.34 is certainly πανδοκιον. The kappa has no descender and can thus be distinguished from the chi which does have descenders. Also Tischendorf discusses the form πανδοχιον in the apparatus as a variant.

Re John 7.53 - 8.11, D means the text of Codex Bezae, which Tischendorf cites on the left hand page. What looks to Alan like an S is actually a stigma, which is the conventional symbol for Stephanus' text. Tischendorf cites that on the right hand page. (On p. 832 of the scan I'm looking at, 8.5-9 is labelled as Stephanus' text but in view of the continuation on p. 834 as well as remarks in the apparatus it must be Bezae, evidently a typo.)

Tischendorf didn't believe any form of the pericope was original (p. 826 omisimus = we have omitted) but cites it according to Stephanus' text and in parallel according to the oldest extant Greek witness (Bezae) that includes it.

Re: Tischendorf 8th Edition

Posted: July 1st, 2016, 10:35 am
by Alan Bunning
Okay, I checked Ulrick Peterson’s “parsed” version 2.8 on github against what I have and it appears to be correct (or at least the same as what I have). The version I checked before was from a different place on github and contained an earlier version. My texts are unaccented so I could not comment on whether the accents are correct. There are two different columns so make sure that Rev. 14:18 has τουσ not τοισ (part of the υ was damaged) and the final character of Rev. 13:18 should be a stigma. So if you are looking for Tischendorf’s 8th edition, this would be the one to get.