Chariton, St Basil, Clement & more now at Perseus

Other Greek writings of the New Testament era, including papyri and inscriptions
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Chariton, St Basil, Clement & more now at Perseus

Postby Louis L Sorenson » October 7th, 2011, 8:22 am

Dated Sept 12, 2011

Thanks to a grant from the Google Digital Humanities program, Perseus is pleased to publish TEI XML digital editions of works by Achilles Tatius, Aeneas Tacticus, Asclepiodotus, Barnabas, Saint Basil, Bion of Phlossa, Chariton, Clement of Alexandria, Demetrius, Eusebius, John of Damascus, Julian the Emperor, Longinus, Longus, Marcus Aurelius, Moschos, Onasander, Parthenius, Procopius, Ptolemy and Xenophon of Ephesus.
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