Read on with Xenophon, read another or ... ?

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Re: Read on with Xenophon, read another or ... ?

Post by Stephen Hughes » January 9th, 2015, 4:36 pm

There is a series of lectures available on the Oeconomicus, by Leo Strauss of St. John's University, Anapolis, which you might want to listen to once you've worked with the text yourself to your own satisfaction. An alternative address in a less interactive format from the University of Chicago is here.

There is also a 19th century commentary on it entitled Xenophontos oikonomikos The oeconomicus of Xenophon With introd., summaries, critical and explanatory notes, lexical and other indices. 4th ed. by Hubert A. Holden Which might help you with any difficulties, or even if you have no difficulties, I'm sure your understanding would be deepened by using it.

As with an secondary source, it is always good to have some mastery or familiarity with the primary source first, to be able to make sense of them.
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