Infinitive Stats

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Infinitive Stats

Post by Paul-Nitz » January 30th, 2014, 3:03 pm

I'm concentrating on 6 verbs these days in class.
εἰπεῖν, γράψαι, δέξασθαι, γενέσθαι, θεῖναι, πειραθῆναι

Tomorrow, I'll focus on Infinitives. I was curious about the frequency of endings. Should I be bothering so much with an infinitive like θεῖναι? Yes!

Between Logos “export results” and Excel “Right” formula, and a bit of sorting, you can find out some interesting facts in a hurry. The "right" formula is =Right(A1,3)

2300 infinitives in the NT
  • 920 -ειν
    500 -ναι
    450 -σαι
    360 -σθαι
    70 -ᾶν, ῆν, λαι
    • (numbers are rounded)
If you're curious as to how we'll work with the infinitives, here's the start of my script. I'll be running the language play like a WAYK game.

Write down what you want to do: to say, to receive, to be, to put.
Do you want to speak, write “to say.”
Do you want to receive, write “to receive.”
Do you want to “be,” write “to be”
Do you want to put, write “to put.”

If one writes “to say” another cannot write “to say”
If one writes “to receive” another cannot write “to receive”
If one writes “to be” another canont write “to be”
If one writes “to put” another cannot write “to put.”

[After the choices are made...]

Say his name.
  • Who wanted to say something?
    What did he want to do?
    Who tried to say something?
    What did he do?
    Who said something?
    What did he do?
Receive this cup of cold water!

Write your name on this piece of paper.

Be straight (sit up straight)!

Put your pen on the table.
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Paul D. Nitz - Lilongwe Malawi

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