Word Order: [1Tim4:6]

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Re: Word Order: [1Tim4:6]

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THANK YOU. Your article is wonderful.

I have a better picture of the significance of word order than ever before.

http://sil.academia.edu/IverLarsen/Pape ... ment_Greek

After fighting my way through some of Levisohn, a metaphor struck me. An art authority takes one of Van Gogh's works and graphs it like a paint-by-number kit. He categorizes each brush stroke and colour by form and function. He writes about his findings by first defining and describing his labels by form and function. Then, pointing to several examples in Van Gogh's works, we are shown how the categorization is accurate and consistent. With this system, we can confidently analyze any Van Gogh and comment on it intelligently. The talented, left-brained, categorizing genius will go away an expert. I personally will go away awed and mightily befuddled. Give me a few things to notice and a few examples. Then let me gaze on Van Gogh's works and perhaps pick up a brush to try to imitate.
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