Greek Pangrams

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Greek Pangrams

Post by Jonathan Robie » July 18th, 2018, 3:59 pm

A pangram is a word or a sentence that contains every letter of the alphabet at least once. For English, this one is famous:
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
I needed pangrams for Greek for something I am doing and thought someone else might be interested.

Here are some for modern and classical Greek on a page that lists pangrams for many languages:

Matthew 5:30 is a pangram in the New Testament: ... e-Alphabet
καὶ εἰ ἡ δεξιά σου χεὶρ σκανδαλίζει σε, ἔκκοψον αὐτὴν καὶ βάλε ἀπὸ σοῦ, συμφέρει γάρ σοι ἵνα ἀπόληται ἓν τῶν μελῶν σου καὶ μὴ ὅλον τὸ σῶμά σου εἰς γέενναν ἀπέλθῃ.
If you ever need to find pangrams in a text, this Python function will help:

Code: Select all

def is_pangram(phrase):
    alphabet = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
    phraseLetters = ""
    for char in phrase:
       if char in alphabet:
            phraseLetters += char
    for char in alphabet:
        if char not in phrase:
            print phraseLetters, alphabet
            return False

    return True
0 x

ἐξίσταντο δὲ πάντες καὶ διηποροῦντο, ἄλλος πρὸς ἄλλον λέγοντες, τί θέλει τοῦτο εἶναι;

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